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Introduce us to your customers.
We’ll handle the rest.

Customer Stories

We work with you to develop interview questions designed to create compelling testimonials that resonate with your target audience.

Remote or On-Site

No matter where in the world your client is, we’ll film your testimonial interview either remotely or with our on-site crew.

You don’t have to lift a finger. We handle the entire process—from interviewing and filming to editing and design.

Complete Content

Within 30 days of filming, you’ll get a skillfully edited, full-length video testimonial—but that’s just the beginning.

Depending on your package, we’ll also send you bite-sized clips of the most powerful interview moments, audio files, transcripts, social media assets, Q&A blog posts, and in-depth case studies.

“Since incorporating video testimonials into our website, we’ve experienced a significant boost in engagement, surpassing the impact of traditional demo videos.”

Kshitiz Sanghi

The Elite
Testimonial Process

Strategy & Setup

Together, we’ll define your goals and the angle the story should support, then plan out our question set. 

We’ll help you set expectations with your customer and make an intro to our team—then manage everything from there.


We coordinate the shoot with your client and determine whether to do a remote or on-site interview.  

On the day of the interview, both a producer and an interviewer are present to guide your customer and ensure you get the best possible footage.

Editing & Publishing

Our editing team will create a captivating, full-length interview file. We’ll perform up to 3 rounds of edits so you get the perfect final cut.

In addition, you’ll get highlight clips, audio recordings, full interview transcripts, and raw footage files.

“For a seamless customer testimonial experience, I highly recommend Elite Testimonial. Their exceptional team effortlessly handles every aspect, from guiding interviews to filming and editing, making the entire process appear effortless.”

Natalie Gardiner 

The Power of Video Testimonials

Video testimonials are a powerful form of social proof that can build trust, convert leads, and drive sales for your business:


Of customers watch video testimonials to learn more about a brand’s products or services.

2 in 3

Customers are more likely to buy after watching a video testimonial.


Of marketers say video testimonials are the most effective form of content marketing.


Of customers trust video testimonials more than a brand’s own messaging.

Social Proof On Every

Your testimonial package is more than just a video clip. It’s a full-stack marketing, advertising, and fundraising asset. Our testimonials are used for:

Home Pages

Sales Pages

About Pages

Investor Pitches

Social Media


Examples of Client Testimonials

Pricing plan

Self-Capture Video Testimonials

Send a link to your customers and let them self-submit their own video testimonial asynchronously. Then let our team of professional video editors do the rest.

Starting at


per interview


Bespoke 1-on-1 Video Testimonials

We handle the entire process—from interviewing and filming to editing, either on-site or remote.                                                   

Starting at


per interview

Can Be Discussed on Orders of up to 6+

Testimonial FAQ


Absolutely. Contact us now. 

We’d love to talk through the process and get things all set up before it’s a mad rush to capture the story. We’re here to help at every stage.

While we won’t make the ask on your behalf, we’re happy to provide email templates, guides, and one-on-one advice based on successful projects.

We target a 20-day turnaround time from the day the interview happens. We’ll stay on top of editing, revisions, and approvals to move things along as quickly as possible.

The more responsive you and your client are, the faster we can deliver.

Remote Testimonials

Remote testimonials are testimonials captured remotely, through the use of your employees’ or customers’ phones.

Just 30 – 45 minutes all-in.

To set expectations and keep things simple, we…

  • Provide an easy-to-follow prep email before the interview.
  • Prime them with questions and metrics to come prepared.

Great lighting, framing, audio, and video don’t happen by accident.

To ensure a strong final product, we…

  • Screen your client’s environment and ‘camera confidence’ beforehand.
  • Record video using their smart device for much better resolution.
  • Gently coach them through their answers to capture a great take.
  • Improve the footage with transitions, background music, stock footage, motion graphics, captions, and other b-roll as appropriate.

Our process gives you an asset that’s compelling to watch instead of two minutes of a talking head.

To ensure consistency and quality, we ask that all remote testimonials are limited to one interviewee. However, we can discuss creating multiple one-on-one video testimonials. 

Yes. All videos are captured and presented in high definition. Since we’re recording on smartphones, and not a webcam, this will be the best source to use that is easily accessible to everyone.

We use a simple capture platform to monitor and record the video. Your customers just have to install a sign-in free app on their smartphone. This helps us monitor video and sound quality while recording remotely, ensuring the highest possible video quality.  

On-Site Testimonials

On-site testimonials are testimonials that are captured on-site or on location.

For an on-site testimonial, up to two people can be included per video. Additional interviewees can be added at an additional cost.

We aim for the entire process to take no more than 2  hours of your customers’ time.

They’ll take part in a short pre-interview, the day-of shoot, and then review the final cuts to be sure they’re happy with how they’re presented.

Self-Capture Testimonials

In remote testimonials, our creative producers actively participate, helping to frame the customer and pose questions. In contrast, for self-submitted testimonials, customers independently click on a link, receive prompts for questions, and record their responses.

We mitigate this by offering video tutorials at the outset, which outline best practices for achieving high-quality recordings. Additionally, our skilled editors enhance the audio and video quality, edit backgrounds, and make other improvements as needed. With the self-submitted option, you are only billed for the testimonials you choose to use, ensuring you’re not paying for subpar content.

We strongly recommend using a webcam. It simplifies the process for your customers, allowing them to easily click a link on their computer and begin recording immediately.

Most customers run targeted campaigns to multiple customers. For example, a set of questions for one industry and a set for another industry. You can customize questions for each customer though if you wish. If you do, it’s best to get them to agree to give a testimonial ahead of time so you do not spend time filling out creative briefs for interviews that won’t happen.

Our team is adept at transforming raw clips into engaging narratives, enriched with b-roll, text overlays, and basic animations. We employ a suite of tools and techniques to enhance and refine the quality of the audio and visual elements, ensuring a polished and professional testimonial.

Written Assets

From long-form written assets to one-sheets, slide decks, Q&A-style blog posts, audiograms, and more, we can turn every customer interview into a campaign’s worth of collateral you can use across the entire buyers’ journey.

We strive to create written assets that match the branding style and tone of your existing written collateral. To help us create the best content possible, we’ll ask for your brand style guide, buyer personas, and other marketing strategy documents you’d like to share.

Not at all! We capture all the information we need to create written assets during our streamlined interview process. 

We can deliver ready-to-publish written assets within 30 days after delivering your video testimonial.